Hearts or Walls?


During my days in high school, it was common practice for people to write on walls and other visible places either slogans signed in their names or simply their names under the common phrase “I was here”. This was normally an effort to leave a mark to be remembered.  To date, the people I remember the most were not the ones who wrote on walls, but on hearts. They did things, they made people better, they were not loud yet shaped opinions, they were not violent yet commanded authority, they made tangible contributions that left marks on the hearts of their peers. What set them apart was the heart for fruitfulness, for success, for giving of themselves in aid of others. Not just the talk, but the REAL WALK.

In my adult years, I hear a lot from many leaders and it takes me back to the high school years asking, “are these people just writing on walls?”. Most of their words are empty and their actions seem completely detached from what real people need. None of these seem to stick to any heart and even seem to bounce off walls. All too often, it seems the actions are just calculated to win political points instead of really meeting the needs of those they serve. When politicians claim, they have a mandate to do something that majority of the citizens oppose, it sounds like just an effort to write on a wall. Similarly, when good ideas are opposed merely because they are from the other side, it begins to seem like an effort to write on a wall, just political gimmicks for political gain.

What most people are looking for are leaders who do what they PROMISED to do, leaving their writing on the heart instead of a wall, actually delivering on their promise.



January 10, 2019

“A wise man will hear and increase learning, and a man of understanding will attain counsel.” – Proverbs 1:5

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