Winning Culture

In most environments, there is always a strong emphasis on team bonding which is vital for every winning team. It is vital to interact in different settings to get to know how people respond or react to situations or what people will do given opportunities in different circumstances. The instinct that drives either calculated or spontaneous behaviors in people stem mostly from what they truly are at the core, in the secret place, when no one is watching. There is nothing more powerful than what a person believes to be reality. It is a universally accepted fact that to be able to change a behavior, it is necessary to change the belief system. It is difficult if not impossible for people to bond unless they can understand and anticipate each other easily, which means a good understanding of why people do the things they do. This understanding enriches the bonding process.

Two key aspects of life that strongly impact behaviors are politics and faith, either in anything or in nothing. A person’s view or understanding of how things around them should operate or be structured greatly impacts their behavior. This falls in the realm of politics. This affects everyone in a particular place and sometimes beyond. Why then is this one thing that affects and shapes behavior is mostly a no go discussion in many places? That is a paradox. An engaging community stands a better chance of being well informed and well-behaved having fully discussed the issues objectively and respectfully to understand and anticipate each other. In the second instance, majority of people are driven, to a great extent, by their faith, be it in anything or in nothing. To understand that behavior it is worth understanding what they believe. A constructive, objective and respectful engagement to understand and anticipate behavior is a key ingredient to the bonding mix. Discussions on faith, however, is a no go area in many places. How can boding be a success if there is no understanding of a huge chunk of what drives behaviors. This is the second paradox.

Good business intelligence is to “understand the customer and the competition”. Well, that applies in team bonding also, so take off the masks, stop the tiptoeing, engage respectfully and objectively to understand people and anticipate behaviors right in your backyard. Get out of the paradox, free your environment, respectfully engage, curiously understand, intelligently anticipate and bond better.


January 7, 2016

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